These shirts are the same. They are the same colour.

At what time can you be there?

The doctor prescribed some medicine for her cold.

This is the room where the body was found.


The prisoners were treated with monstrous cruelty.


Bryce doesn't seem to have much of anything.

How long do you think the meeting will last?

Put the gun down.

He's got good rhythm.

I think it's already too late for that.

It is not impossible just because no one has done it before.

Ken climbed down from the tree.


Running as fast as I could, I was able to catch up with my friend.

Tad and Page couldn't stop smiling at each other.

I should never have let you carry that by yourself.


Vincenzo is trying not to make any noise.

I've thought about this a lot.

You left without me.


Do you like this car?

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Miki spent the afternoon reading a book.

The large crowd roared in approval as Mark Knopfler played the first few bars of "Money for Nothing".

Step away from the car and put your hands on your head.

I don't think I need to lose weight.

He was shirtless.

Louiqa said the coffee was too hot to drink.

Get the hell away from me!

I took Ann for her sister.

Jeremy told everyone that I hated Jason, but that's not true.


Several ships are stuck in sea ice in Antarctica.

Knock, Knock. Who's there?

Sekar is a sociopath.

I'm sorry, but the answer is no.

Are you telling me you don't remember where you parked your car?

Can I have a pizza, please?

Tighten the lid so that it doesn't go bad.

He should reflect on his failure.

She saw him too.


Let's throw a party for Pascal.


You must not have confidence in Cyrus.


I don't know his name.

Randolph doesn't speak any French.

Rupert dislikes going to school.


I've been expecting her.


Call him this evening.

Isaac was fined three hundred dollars.

Jon has a part-time job.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Many songs are about unrequited love.

Don't you think this suits me?

The war is draining our economy.

I'm traveling by myself.

You will need a bodyguard.


But now I live in Tokyo.

He can borrow my moped for a few days.

One thing you should know about me is that I seldom cry.

I asked Ricky what happened, but he wouldn't tell me.

Large, isn't it?

Marilyn washed his hands quickly.

This is what makes this game an absolute joy to play.

Who are you and why are you here?

I had to tell them about us.

You're sitting in my seat.

I'd rather drink coffee than tea.

All of a sudden, it began raining.

The crowd watched the fire from a safe distance.

I wrote a wrong address on the envelope.

I didn't think I'd meet you here.


You were supposed to tell Sjaak that.

This will give Joseph one more thing to worry about.

We were always competitive.

I'm not certain that I trust Edgar.

What's your favorite type of seafood?

My luggage has been lost or else they have put it on another airplane.

Why is it dark?


He is bankrupt.

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The crowd protested against racial discrimination.

I want to study Japan's history at university.

Do you by any chance have some aspirin?

What is plausible?

He is always pressed for money.


This law does not apply in Japan.


We tried to get them to tell us.

Les may be hard to reach for the next few hours.

How many trees are there?

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Where is a doctor?


More time will be needed.

The old man was sitting with his arms folded.

Duncan wanted to talk to a lawyer.


I missed them.


Why should I interfere?

He makes a living by working for a government office.

Pia has been on Lipitor for three years.

A war is an awful thing.

Today I'm staying at home.

Franklin must be very angry with Gil.

The girl was used to sitting up till late.

Were you surprised?

The pay is based on sales.


Try to be more creative.

They are now leveling the road with a bulldozer.

He is twice as old as she is.


What time do you usually eat lunch?

She hasn't translated the sentences in French.

We have lost control of the robots!

We were all present at the meeting.

I spent the afternoon cleaning my office.

Rajiv hid behind the curtain and held his breath.

I'm not sure what else I need to do.

Tran wiped the sand from his legs.

My hair is still wet.

They were carelessly unaware of the danger.

The only way to have a friend is to be one.


I know it's not what you were hoping for, but here's all the money I can give you.

Please call me at eight tomorrow morning.

Do you want that I speak in finnish or in english?


His car ran into the Iron Gate.

I had a good time yesterday.

What did I get?

Does their father work for the canton?

You look as pale as a ghost.


Kieran might change his mind.

Man is the measure of all things: of things which are, that they are, and of things which are not, that they are not.

Oblivia knows a good deal less than she thinks.

Everything around him was blown to pieces, yet he escaped without a scratch.

Maybe I should go with you.


Everyone was glued to the TV set as the election results came in.

Where is the nearest internet cafe?

Are these shots necessary?


It's a real mess in here.

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There might be delays in language development.


War must be avoided at all costs.

I have a good watch, even if it is not brand-new.

They helped him.


I've always respected Jacques.

No nation can exist completely isolated from others.

Her footsteps were as light as a fairy's.

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You win some, you lose some.

All of your accusations are without foundation. She's innocent and we're going to prove it.

This color becomes you.

This huge war has been prolonged.

Bert has just arrived at Hal's apartment.

I'll be doing something else at that time.

No doctor is perfect.

How are your grandparents?

His business affairs are in good shape.

I didn't get discouraged.

Vick admitted that.

What else is on today's agenda?

I have a friend who's a teacher in Boston.

I just got back from Hawaii.

Gil is brilliant.


It wasn't you who told me about this.


He would drink a white or red wine.

You can sell them if you don't want them.

Normally speaking, Chinese people consider rice to be an important food; the majority of Westerners consider fast food to be an important food.

Does Jurevis get many visitors?

You are always pissed off.

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I drink the water.


Do you mind if I smoke?


Shirley hasn't sung in years.

I can't tell you what to do.

I wanted to change.